A World Of Leadership. For A Heart Out Of Rhythm.

A world of leadership. For a heart out of rhythm. A heart out of rhythm needs special care. People from around the world come to Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia for treatment of even the most challenging atrial and ventricular heartbeat disorders. They choose the best for the best of reasons.

Skill, knowledge and experience. Technology. Results.

Through thousands of cases and exceptional results, TCA's electrophysiologists have earned the highest professional regard in a most demanding specialty. Theirs is one of the highest volume practices in the United States, with a consistently superior success rate. Their research and clinical trials have advanced the understanding of arrhythmia and the technology to treat it.

Access to arrhythmia-specific robotic and magnetic technology is an important reason to choose TCA. Access to physicians whose skill, knowledge and experience have made a critical difference in the lives of thousands of people is the best reason.

TCA. World leadership deep in the heart of Texas.